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What should I say?

Somebody : You’re so closed to my heart…. Please marry me, dear…

I can’t say anything… Just silence and staring at the eyes of man in front of me..

Somebody : Tell me what is in your mind…? why are you just silence..?

Me : I’m just thinking…

Somebody : Tell me what are you thinking about?

Me : I don;t know what to say to you. It must be not easy to change my life. I’ve been alone for almost 41 years. I get used to make decisions for myself, but if I marry you I can’t do them anymore.. And I don’t know how to move my life. I’ve been worked so hard to have a good life in the town where I’m living now. And if I say yes to marry you, I have to start from beginning and leave it all behind.. I’m so worry… I’m afraid if everything not  runnin’ well…

Somebody : Don’t think too much… We’ll face the life together. OK, if you need time to think, I’ll give you time to think. I will ask you anymore when you want. Three months from now on? Six months? Next year? I’ll be patient to wait.. But please think about the time that will fly away…?

Me : Let me think… Please be patient..

Somebody : I will..

Friends, tell me what should I say?



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4 thoughts on “What should I say?

  1. Kak, I think everything is depend on you. Don’t make a slob descicion, because it’s about ur life. Selama ini sdh biasa mandiri dan mengambil keputusan jg sendiri, akan berbeda bila ada orang lain, krn artinya akan butuh banyak sekali tenggang rasa, dan sangat mungkin jg bakal ada clash.

    But, I also think… why don’t you take a risk. Accept it. Marry him. Especially if you in love with him, too. Follow the rule that u’re both agree. Just try. You won’t never know if it works or not if you don’t try, Sis…

    Gud luck ya kak. Ditunggu kabar baiknya 🙂

  2. sebelum nikah aku butuh 3 bulan buat istikharah…seteklah itu aku nikah dengan mantab, tapi datar ga ada cinta yang menggebu2….after marriying him…I am deeply in love with him….up till now…till the death did us apart

    I used to be so indpendent beofre marriage….but life is not about staying independence, it is not about making solitaire decision, it is not about we will comfort or not… is about US….it is about how we get closer to HIM, we need somebody else stay with us, holding the hands to walk to the eternal heaven….it is about companionship…..the journey will be better if we have somebody else with us…..

    I am praying that GOD will guide and shine your way……

  3. Dear Zee and Mbak Fitra thank you for your advices.. I really need them.. Thanks, my friends.. I will think what both of you said.

  4. wow… nikah itu sunnah nabi?
    kl emg orangnya baik, kenapa enggak?
    solat istikarah jg gpp untuk memantabkan hati..

    insyaAllah kl kita berada dijalur yg benar kebahagiaan dan keselamatan lah yg kita dapat..
    ayo wow.. take that risk, why being so afraid?
    hehe masih inget kan yg aku bilang pas resepsi nikah kemarin?
    itu doa loh.. mudah2an jd kenyataan yaa;)

    Sondha : Kakak masih ingat omongan si penganten perempuan yang pecicilan, padahal dia sedang di pelaminan… Hehehe… Kakak sedang berusaha meyakinkan diri bahwa ini adalah jalan yang baik, yang bisa membawa kakak menggenapkan setengah iman kakak kepada Alloh. Kakak cemas, karena rasanya so fast buat ngambil keputusan besar… Makasih atas sarannya ya.. Love you, sist..!!

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