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Hmmmm…  Really don’t know what to say… Sometimes, even you are growing old, you need someone to chit chat about unspecial topics or may be a silly topic, just like  we were teens..   Sometimes we need a friend to talk to feel that we are not alone., that we still have somebody, friends or family to share our feelings, our sadness, our happiness…

When we talked about silly topic, then our beloved person said “think clearly when you’re gonna make decision” and then he said “bye” to close conversation… We are gonna feel abandoned… Very abandoned…  Hmmmmm……. It hurts…   No, no… I won’t cry…  Even teardrops will make us feel easier, but it won’t solve the problem…  I won’t yell…  Because it will make me looked insane…

Hmmm…. What should I do…? I remember the quotation that said “Take the power to make your life happy, no one else can do it for you..”  So, I have to set my feeling… I have to turn my happiness key…  It’s not easy.. Really-really not easy… It’s hard…!!!

All I can do is laying my body on my bed, try to sleep in darkness… Thinking good things that ever happened and gonna happen to my life… Think about how blessed I am..  Hmmmmm…..

I hope I will wake up with smile on my lips…., with grateful feeling in my heart…


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2 thoughts on “Hmmmm….

  1. Kak Shonda lg sedih ya.
    Aku kalo lg butuh temen bicara, biasanya akan curhat dgn temen-temen dekat, dan ce. Krn klo sama ce mereka lbh ngerti apa yg kita rasakan dibanding curhat sama co (pasangan) kita. Klo curhat sama co yg ada mereka ga akan denger & bosan trs ga bs kasih pendapat.

    Sondha : Iya.. Tadi malam menjelang tidur aku emang algi sedih banget… Aku gak terlalu punya banyak kawan dekat juga di sini.. Apalagi kalo hal2 yang sangat pribadi kan gak bisa di-share begitu aja, lebih baik disimpan.. Biasanya buat ngalihin rasa sedih, ya dgn chit chat tentang “topik gak jelas”.. Tapi gak semua orang mengerti.. Hehehe.. But it’s ok, sist… Everything’s gonna be fine.. Thank you 4 d att..

  2. Kak Sondha….maaf ya kemaren keputus pas di FB, Ntworknya tiba2 down…..huhuhuu…maafkan dakuhh….mudah2an bukan aku yang udah bikin kakak sebel…..heheheheh *ge-er* Hope everything is goin alrite yaaa….

    Sondha : Kok pagi2 udah GR siyy mbak… Hehehe… Bukan lah, buka kamu yang bikin sedih.. Tenang aja.. Aku udah happy lagi kok..

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