Go for A New Life…

After angry and cry for days, months…  I’m finally going for a new step of life..  May Allah bless me to   do what Allah hate but halal..  It’s gonna be processed soon..

I can’t  tell the detail, but may be you can make conclusion from my posts  lately..

I don’t have right to tell people what happened to me, because it’s private thing.. I just want to ask you my friends to be careful, be more careful before you decide to bound yourself to somebody…

I know it’s like a gambling.. but don’t blind yourself.. Don’t be too positive thinking…  Don’t be easy to trust somebody though he always be an imam when he does sholat  everytime you  are together…

I’ve closed my past.. Now I have to heal my heart.., and continue my life.. I’m lucky to have family who will help me to fix my life..  Alhamdulillah…

For women who have been suffer like me, stop crying..  Close your past, continue your life..  All of us have right to have people who love us sincerely…  Forgive people who have hurt us..   Forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made..  We have to believe there’s gonna be bright days in our future..

Let’s go for a new life… ***


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